Mark Cunningham – Dented Breeze out on Lulu

Mark Cunningham’s new book Dented Breeze is now on sale at

Highly recommended. He published this under his own name and as he has said:

“Donald Sutherland, who wrote on both the English Romantics and Gertrude Stein, said that one of the traits of Romanticism was its attempt to include as much of the world and experience (if those can be distinguished) as possible–an attempt that would become never-ending task as experience would constantly increase, or at least change. Dented Breeze is my attempt to help out. Each piece here adds a bit of information about one piece of information in the sentence of the original poem it glosses. Unfortunately, Donald Sutherland the actor does not appear as a guest star.
This doesn’t cover every aspect of the book of course–particularly the reduction of romantic wonder, political agitation, despair, whatever, to what are basically banal sentences found on Wikipedia, the opposite of all of the above.